Our Services

Perafa Logistics (Pty) Ltd Services business interest include the following tailored made services to our client’s requirements:

Road Freight

Perafa Logistics provides logistics services and distribution both in South Africa and into the SADC region. The services ranges from Door-to-Door, Door to Port, and Port to Port, etc. Perafa ensures that for all the above movement of cargo, all the paperwork are taken care off at all times i.e. Customs Clearance documents, Import, export permits, etc.


Airfreight is part of our services for urgent international shipments as per our customers required. Should your company find itself faced with an urgent order? Perafa Logistics (Pty) Ltd is your solution. We offer the most reliable expedited airfreight service because we recognize that urgent shipment can make a difference in keeping a facility operational or retaining a customer for the future.

Ocean Freight

Perafa Logistics offers customers ocean freight solutions. We work with a global network of partners’ that cargo can be moved from any destination to any location – efficiently. Our specialise customs clearing service ensures that cargo moves through the supply chain without any delays. We are able to able to move full container consignments, groupage consolidations, bulk and break-bulk cargo.

Customs Clearing

Goods entering or leaving the Republic of South Africa need to be cleared through Customs. Perafa offers services in customs clearing for import, export, and in-transit or warehousing.

Importing and Exporting

We assist with importation, exportation and in –transit clearance of cargo in and out of South Africa and to the SADC region.


Warehousing is all about balancing supply and demand while adding value in the process. Perafa Logistics (Pty) Ltd offers warehousing solution for both bonded and non-bonded cargo to all major cities in South Africa and Zambia.

Tariff Classification

We ensure that our clients classified their cargo correctly and understand the implication of misclassifications.

Licensing and Registration as Importer or Exporter

We assist clients with completion of relevant documents accurately and we handle the submission of the application forms to authorities, we make sure that we monitor progress and report back to our clients timely and also making sure that they get the right codes.

Permit Application

We assist our clients with Import and Export Permits application with government department or Agencies such as ITAC, NRCS, DTI, Department of Agriculture, etc.