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Perafa Logistics (Pty) Ltd objective is to provide high quality services to all its customers. This we achieved by:

 Being Number One Logistics Company in South Africa & Africa
Developing World Class Business solutions.

PERAFA Logistics specialise in all areas of transport and freight forwarding services.

The services will be deliberate in providing tailor made solutions to all its clients’ requirements in the following fields:



Road Freight

  • Perafa handles and transports a lot of freight on the road, both domestic and international countries particularly within the SADC in areas where there is a need for consolidated full truck-loads.
  • We are committed to ensuring that road freight transport reaches its destination seamlessly and on time.
  • We will ensure that all the paper work and movement of cargo are expeditiously taken care of for a seamless delivery.
  • We provide logistics services, freight services and distribution both in South Africa and into the SADC countries. We also provide additional enhancing services from Door to Door, Door to Port and Port to Port etc.

Air Freight

  • PERAFA provides both domes c and international air freight cargo. Airfreight is on time and predictable. We strive to track and trace the shipment throughout its journey and provide continuous feedback.
  • Airfreight services are also on time for urgent cargo in order to ensure operational equipment and factory support and supply to our customers.
  • PERAFA has the capacity to expeditiously facilitate the transportation and clearance of urgent shipments. We are focused on providing optimal customer services.
  • PERAFA also handles shipment for industrial, medical supplies, mining, manufacturing and the agricultural industry.

Ocean Freight

  • PERAFA LOGISTICS offers customers ocean freight transport and clearing solutions. The company works with a number of major global ocean freight networks of partners to ensure that cargo can be transported to any destination globally and efficiently.
  • We provide specialized customs clearing services to ensure that cargo moves through the supply chain without any delays.
  • We have the capacity to move full container consignments, “groupage” consolidations, and also provide bulk and break-bulk shipments around the globe.
  • We handle shipments of any size from small loads to full container loads and also provide break bulk shipments around the globe.


  • We also arrange the transportation of the following movement of rail specific cargo.
  • BULK movement i.e coal and other minerals.
  • Containerized cargo.
  • Volumetric and Heavy cargo.

Product Service Offering

Provides a variety of broad services globally as follows…

RORO (roll on/roll off) Shipments

  • We are the company that is highly specialising and leading globally on Roll on/Roll off shipping company and logistics provided in South Africa.
  • We transport oversized dimensional cargo and heavy lifts sea or land shipments is our competence.
  • We have the competence to handle part charter, break-bulk by container vessel RORO (Roll on/Roll off) or combination mode of transport. We are experts in providing the best rate and solutions for cargo.

Personal Effects

  • PERAFA also assist with the exportation/importation of Personal Effects.
  • The company also handles Diplomatic shipments from local and international markets.

Door to Door Services

  • Our company offers door to door services to our clients on request. We collect from the shipper and deliver to consignee.


  • Our company provides logistics distribution solutions services for local and international clients, where required, we outsource services by locally and internationally.
  • We offer customized logistics solutions for our clients.

Customs Clearing

  • Our company is fully registered with SARS customs as a clearing agent in South Africa.
  • We regularly review and update tariffs as per SARS regulations.
  • We offer services in customs clearing for import, export and in-transit shipments including warehousing.

Importing and Exporting

We assist with importation, exportation and in –transit clearance of cargo in and out of South Africa and to the SADC region.



  • We offer Warehousing solutions for both Bonded and Non-Bonded to all major cities in South Africa

Registration as Importer or Exporter

  • We assist with the importation and exportation of consolidated and non consolidated cargo and we also offer best rates and best that our company has to offer.
  • We import and export in-transit clearance of cargo in and out of South Africa throughout the world.
  • We assist clients with completion of relevant documents accurately and we handle the submission of the application forms to authorities.
  • We make sure that we monitor progress and report back to our clients timely and also making sure that they get the right codes.
  • We ensure that our clients classified their cargo correctly and understand the implication of misclassifications.
  • We assist our clients with Import and Export Permits application with government department or Agencies such as ITAC, NRCS, DTI, Department of Agriculture, etc.

Courier Services

  • We offer couriers services for on- me sensitive shipments

Charter Service on Request

  • We provide cargo charter flights to the global destinations
  • We facility the clearing of shipments from origin to destination